Java: The Journey Begins…

December 31, 2006

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So I’ve spent the days since my last post going through my old notes trying to re-familiarise myself with my Java coding. Its going so-so. It’s been 3 years since i last touched Java so its been a bit of a slap in the face really. I am getting back into it, but I’ve only gone through the basics, and my job starts next Wednesday, thats not much time.!

I’m starting to stress a bit too, I know that I am going to go there with only the basic knowledge of Java and I’m worried that they will expect me to sit down and get on with it from day 1. I really hope they will give me some guidance and give me a while to settle in to how they do things and the processes and standards they have there.

I have friends who have taken on similar jobs, and were first put on a testing or other such similar role where they had the chance take on board their surroundings before the pressure begins on their work. I hope thats what I will get when I get their for the first time!

Oh well, just an update to say my stomach is in knots and I’m crapping myself basically. I always said at University I don’t know what I want to be, all I know is I don’t want to be a programmer! And now I’m beginning to wonder if I have been pressurised into taking this role by friends and family.

We’ll soon find out! I have to go now and throw up!


December 24, 2006

Thus Far

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So first let me explain the job. The title is Software Engineer for a small-medium sized company in a niche market. They have one main system written in the Java language that other companies use through a web-based system. My role would be to form part of the small software engineering team, with the role of maintaining and developing the system in-house.

After applying for the job (which constituted of a CV and Covering Letter), I received a call about 3-4 days later asking when I was available for interview. After usually having to wait a couple of weeks for a reply this came as a bit of a shock to me, it must mean my CV made an impression… right?

Well, anyway the interview was arranged for 2 days time, which only gave me a small amount of time to prepare and re-iterate myself with my computer knowledge, as if you ask any graduate the time after graduation is mainly spent not practicing the skills and knowledge you learnt (or is that just me?).

So my time was spent going through my old lecture notes and quickly topping up my knowledge in case any technical questions were asked of me in the interview. I probably should have spent more time to be honest, but I didn’t and that was that. I also reviewed some notes of possible general questions that I may be asked, originally written for a previous interview in which I was unsuccessful.

So the day of the interview arrived. Thought I would set off a little early to make sure i arrived on time, advice given to me by everyone and anyone. One thing I would not even consider is going the day before to plan out my journey, what a complete waste of time that sounds like! I did actually make it there on time, in fact I arrived outside 30 mins early. So i took an extra 15 minutes waiting outside going though my notes before entering the offices. In I walked, looked around, took a few deep breaths and was shown a little office to wait in until my interviewer(s) would be ready. So much for showing up early, I had to wait another 25 minutes for them to arrive!

And so the interview, I was a little put off to be honest, the IT Director sat there fiddling and reading the side of his Coke can whilst I was answering his questions, the least he could do was actually listen to me! I was asked a few technical questions too, mainly about the Java language and what I had done at University. I’m pretty sure I didn’t answer the questions very well, having forgotten most of my Java knowledge (and the quick top-up the day before long gone from my mind) from University.

Anyway, I went home and tried to forget about the job, pretty sure I was not going to get it. I received a call about 1 week later saying I had been offered the job! I duly accepted, whilst all the time in the back of my mind wondering if my complete lack of Java knowledge will come as a surprise to them (how could it, they were present at my interview too!).

And now here we are, about a week or so until my first day, and I’m here trying desperately to get all my knowledge of Java back up to scratch, and the little distraction of Christmas not helping one bit!

The Beginning

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This blog will document the journey of me, a young Computer Science graduate entering my first job after graduation. I am writing this blog mainly for my own benefit, so in future years I can come back and see what problems and challenges were presented to me, and how I overcame them (I hope!). I believe it will also give me an insight into how I develop and grow as both a person and a Software Developer.

If anyone does read this blog, I hope you find it interesting to see a young persons honest (and hopefully not naive) view and how what I feel and actions I take can relate to your own life.

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